CIOB calls for Covid testing stations on major construction sites


The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has called on the Government to set up Covid-19 testing stations on major building sites. The institute said it would help the industry bounce back quickly and safely by ensuring any outbreaks are tracked and traced quickly. The recommendation for large construction sites in Britain to be integrated into the new NHS Test and Trace...

Construction recovery plan to last two years

covonavirus scaffolding

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has laid out its post-coronavirus rescue plan for the construction industry. Called the Roadmap to Recovery, the plan has three phases which will be carried out over the next two years. Construction leaders hope that within the two years the industry could bounce back more professional, productive and profitable. The three-phase plan starts with the Restart phase,...

Latest Site Operating Procedures place ‘workers at risk’ warns Unite

site operating procedures put workers at risk says Unite

Construction union Unite has sent an open letter to the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), warning that the organisation’s site operating procedures (SOP) are placing workers at risk. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began the various versions of the CLC’s operating procedures have acted as a template for safe site operation with the latest version of the SOP, (version 4) published last...

Construction Output To Drop 25% This Year


Total construction output in Great Britain is expected to fall by 25% during 2020, according to the Construction Products Association. The anticipated decline in output is one of three scenarios for construction output examined by the CPA. Even under this most optimistic of scenarios, the country’s construction activity would suffer its sharpest fall ever recorded. The pause to construction work as a...

Coronavirus Site Operating Guidance Updated For Fourth Time


The Construction leadership Council has scrapped the 15-minute limit for contact between construction workers in its latest version of the coronavirus site operating procedures. The fourth version of the document which was published on Tuesday has been updated to incorporate a number of technical changes following the recently published government guidance on Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19). One major u-turn within the...

PM tells construction to get back to work

Borris Johnson says its time to re-open construction sites.

Prime minister Boris Johnson announced to the nation last night it was time to re-open construction sites. He said in the televised address that members of the construction and manufacturing industries must be 'actively encouraged' to go back to work. Johnson also relaxed some lockdown restrictions including allowing us to do unlimited outside exercise, sunbathe in parks, drive to the countryside...

COVID-19 Construction Guidance is Unsafe, Warns Unite

Construction Guidance is Unsafe, Warns Unite

The UK's construction union, Unite, has warned the government that the latest guidance on how construction sites should operate during the COVID-19 pandemic is unsafe and puts workers at risk. Unite has said in a statement, the site operating procedures version three published by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has been 'watered-down' as opposed...

Coronavirus site operating guidance updated for third time

Site Operating Procedures Withdrawn

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published its third version of coronavirus guidance for construction workers in the space of three weeks. The new guidance comes after version 2 was withdrawn within a matter of hours after it was heavily criticised as being too harsh and unworkable. The latest guidance from...

Industry Charity CEO Calls For Immediate Help


Bill Hill, The CEO of The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has made a personal appeal for help to aid the charity's work. In an industry where two construction workers take their own life every single working day and where 20% of all work absence is due to poor mental wellbeing, a pandemic such as...

Scotland Stops All Non-essential Construction

Scotland Stops All Non-essential Construction

The Scottish government has ordered all work on construction sites to stop unless its for essential projects. The news comes after the Scottish government published new guidance for the construction industry yesterday. The document has made it clear that work on construction projects should cease unless it is supporting crucial work during the coronavirus...


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