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Reaching for the sky – A potted history of scaffolding

It’s known that the use of scaffolding dates way back to prehistoric times because holes still exist in the walls of Palaeolithic caves at Lascaux...

Hilti Impact Wrench: Guarantee will be void if used for scaffolding

Impact Wrench.. We have all heard about the benefits of using the impact wrench for erecting and dismantling scaffolding and some suggested it was the future...
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The 9 Most Dangerous Jobs in Britain

A list of the most dangerous jobs in Britain has been published. Scaffolding and Roofing has finished high on the list, and even with...

How to get that first trip offshore

Working & living offshore The working hours on most installations are normally 12hr shifts and in the North Sea it is normal to spend two...

Don’t use shrink wrap on your next project!

"I think you probably should not use shrink wrap sheeting for your next project" says company Director. Steve Irlam of Rhino Shrink Wrap Martial Supplies has recently...
Hard Hat

Are you wearing the correct Hard Hat ?

One of the key elements when working at height is having the correct tools and Personal Protection Equipment to do our job. The Health...
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Roth Gerüste: Advanced Scaffolding Secrets Revealed

Written By Rhymer Rigby How do you scaffold a railway viaduct running across an Alpine valley or a pointy-steepled, centuries-old church on a peninsula which is...
Power Plant

Guest Post: Scaffolding in Power Plant Boilers

Nearly 40% of the world's electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. With over 2,300 of these power plants worldwide, the impact of maintenance...

From Scaffolder To Scaffold Design – My Story

An ex-scaffolder explains how he made the transition from being a well paid scaffolder to become a Technical Design Draughtsman at one of the UK’s...


A storm is brewing within the Scaffold and Access industry. It has been said “F-Board is the most significant change in over 30 years”. As...

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