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Famous Ex Scaffolders

Paul Hogan (Film Star) The former pool lifeguard, union organizer and Sydney Harbour Bridge scaffolder who stumbled onto the telly in 1972 when his workmates...

NASC comment on the use of Impact Wrenches

  The NASC has been asked to comment on the use of impact wrenches during the erection/dismantling of scaffold. The NASC would advise members as follows: The...

Scaffolding works of art

  Theses amazing sculptures are the work of sculptor Ben Long the project started in 2004 and was in development for 2 years. This ambitious series...

Scaffolder is the perfect package for TV show

A scaffolder and former semi-professional footballer from Sutton is one of 13 final contestants on glamour model Katie Price's new talent show. Billy Harding, 26,...

Combisafe strikes the right note in Vienna with safety net fan

With the new Raiffeisen Tower in Vienna designed to set a new world leading benchmark in terms of sustainability, it is only fitting that...

The big freeze grips the scaffolding industry

As the recent snow and ice effects many parts of the UK today, we wanted to find out how it was effecting our scaffolding...

The New TG20:13 Guidance Receives A Welcomed Response

TG20:13 receives a positive response from a batch of regional NASC meetings.. The new TG20:13 guidance document was recently unveiled with a presentation at a...

50 Scaffolders could go at TATA Steel Scunthorpe

Up to 50 Harsco Scaffolders could be made redundant within the next 90 days at TATA Steel Works in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. Rumors have been circulating...

NASC launch free guidance to aid the appointment and management of scaffolding contractors

In response to a high demand from industry, the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) has launched a free specification document intended to provide...

Can you help these lads out with a pay rise ? [PIC]

Can you help these boys out from Stealth Scaffolding, they have posted this image to Facebook to try and get 1 million likes. If successful...

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