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business economic downturns

Recession is an opportunity in Wolf’s clothing

There are more opportunities to grow your wealth during periods of world crisis and economic downturns than any other period in history. Simon Boyes asks the question… are you ready to take advantage of...
scaffolding memorabilia

Scaffolding Memorabilia: Thanks for the Memory

Paul Corfield is without question a highly skilled man within the scaffolding industry, not least because he's passionate about his craft. But his work runs much deeper than that as an avid collector of...

Introducing The Klasp, A Next Generation Scaffold Fitting

Julian Bland the creator of The Klasp is certainly something of a scaffolding innovator both designing and bringing to market a fitting guaranteed to help revolutionise the industry. Grahame Anderson has been finding out...

The Importance of Installing and Checking Scaffold Ties

The recent high winds from storm Ciara and Dennis have highlighted the potential damage and destruction that can be caused by improper scaffold installation. Jonathan Craig from Hydrajaws guides us on the importance of...

Cathedral Roof Repairs Builds Strong Partnership

Slate roof repairs on the 800-year-old St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin have called for a scaffold and weather protection system that takes full account of the historic importance of the building. Ireland’s oldest church, St...
NASC President Lynn Way

Interview: Lynn Way NASC President

Our man Richard Trenchard interviews Lynn Way, the new and first-ever female NASC President. Whichever way you look at things, there is still so much work to be done within the construction sector before anything...
enigma industrial services

Business Spotlight: Cracking the Enigma Code

We shone the business spotlight on Enigma Industrial Services when we spoke to their Finance Director, Ian McDougall and Enigma’s Human Resources Director Geoff Hughes. Eighty five years is a long time in business. Industries...
scaffolding day

Tomorrow’s Scaffolding Solutions, Today

48.3 is driving the evolution of scaffolding by integrating all aspects of temporary and permanent works design, which results in a much more time-effective, cost-effective and safe solution. 48.3 Managing Director, Ben Beaumont, proudly...
IBN Scaffold Access at Leeds Town Hall

The Pride Of Leeds Is An IBN Delight

As the pride of the city the charismatic Leeds Town Hall was opened back in September 1858 by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Today it's a live venue hosting concerts, civic functions and even...
Scaffolding on the Boston Stump

The Spiritual Art Of Scaffolding

Charismatic St Botolph's Church in Boston which is also known as the ‘Boston Stump’ looks pretty spectacular at any time of year, especially from the air. It's persona however, takes on a different yet...

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