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Issue 13 features the very latest news, views and insight from the scaffolding industry.

Editors Note

While successfully weathering the storm from the effects of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, the scaffolding sector and the wider construction industry is now leading the way in the country’s economic recovery. But before we can all celebrate a job well done, another major obstacle lies in the way. Scaffolding material shortages and price increases
are now plaguing the industry which, in turn, is putting real financial pressure on UK contracting businesses. But why is it happening?

According to the experts, the problem is not only here in the UK but is global in scale and in simple terms has been caused by the vast global demand for construction products, the major interruption of production during the coronavirus pandemic and from pre-Brexit stockpiling. Furthermore, the severe shortage is not only affecting timber and steel but also includes other construction products like roof tiles, cement, insulation and plastics, all of which could constrain construction activity in the long term. And, unfortunately, it’s set to get worse before it gets better according to some leading organisations and businesses who have expressed their grave concerns on page 6.

Another area we focus on in this edition of ScaffMag is scaffold design and health and safety. On page 34, Billy Jones, Managing Director of Millcroft, asks whether it is time for a degree in scaffold engineering, and discusses why a degree is vital for attracting talent and professional respect for the sector. Meanwhile, on page 40, we learn that engineering design consultants IDH continue to expand and have grand plans for the future.
Turning to our Health and Safety section on page 44 we hear the tragic story of Christopher Cassaniti, an 18-year-old apprentice who was killed by a collapsed scaffold in Sydney in 2019. His mother, Patrizia, tells us what a tragedy looks like and is now serving as a real inspiration to others as she continues to change the way we look upon safety in the workplace.

Happy reading and stay safe!

Daniel Norton – Editor