Harsco Infrastructure helps revitalise Paris railway station


Following its earlier success in providing a bespoke scaffolding and access system for renovation work at Gare Du Nord railway station in Paris, Harsco Infrastructure has now almost completed a second project, at the city’s Gare Saint-Lazare station.

Impressed by the capabilities and expertise which Harsco had shown on the first project, main contractor Spie SCGPM asked the company to repeat the process at Gare Saint-Lazare.

The large-scale renovation work on the main station canopy required Harsco to design and construct a 220-ton, 18-metre high MODEX scaffolding structure which covered an area of 3,840 m².

The modular nature of the overall scaffold system allows it to accommodate any shape, ground plan or height requirements with ease. This was particularly beneficial in creating the irregularly spaced walkways which were required by the site workforce.

To counter the confined nature of the site Harsco provided mobile cranes to lift-in the required materials. The complex nature of the various works also required Harsco to adhere to a detailed work schedule, so that all the necessary requirements for safety, minimising noise pollution and reducing disruption to the surrounding area could be satisfied.

One stage of the project required the use of specially skilled workers who were able to access the overhanging sections of the canopy to carry out the renovation work. The canopy renovation was carried out concurrently with other work to refurbish the building main structure, and the construction of a new shopping mall located within the station complex.

Via: (Press Release)