Saltend jobs row warning of “National Day Of Action”


Warning of mass “Walkout’s” involving thousands of workers across the United Kingdom in a “National Day of Action”.

As previously reported on ScaffMag there has been demonstrations outside Saltend for months with no letup in site.

The industrial action started in March when hundreds of Redhall Group workers were made redundant by Viverco Fuels. Viverco said that the project was behind schedule and with out notice terminated Redhall’s contract which intern made hundreds of workers including Electricians and Scaffolders redundant.

Yesterday saw a series of demonstrations outside Saltend with a warning that thousands of workers at power stations and oil refinery sites across the UK would be involved in a “National Day Of Action”.

Union officials from across the Engineering and Construction Industry will meet next week to discuss organising a “National Day Of Action” unless the row is resolved.

The Day of action would involve thousands of workers across the UK which would bring back memories of the row over foreign labour at LOR (Lindsey Oil Refinery) in North Lincolnshire which led to “Wildcat Walkouts” across the country two years ago.

Viverco Fuels yesterday said that they made an offer of £3,500 to hundreds of Redhall workers affected by the termination of the contract.

They also said “We have continually stressed to the unions that, when new contractors are in place, any new employment opportunities will be advertised so that former Redhall workers can apply for the jobs.

“The new contractors will be impacted by ongoing protest activity, which is why we are trying to resolve the situation quickly for the benefit of all concerned said a spokesman.

A Humberside police spokesman said a 56-year-old man had been arrested outside the plant under Section 14 of the Public Order Act and taken to a police station in Hull.

Maria Ludkin, the GMB’s legal officer, said: “GMB members who have been locked out of the site since March have been engaged in lawful, legal protest against BP and the main contractors.

“Every attempt by the union to get BP to reopen the site to allow our members to complete this engineering project has been met with a blank refusal to even acknowledge that these workers have rights which are being trampled upon.

Written By Daniel Norton

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