Two Gloucestershire builders injured in scaffolding fall


Two builders – thought to be father and son – have been rescued after falling through a gap in scaffolding while working on a house in Gloucestershire.

The pair were working on Hasfield House in Tewkesbury when they fell and were injured by falling masonry on Friday.

Great Western Ambulance said a man, 30, fell 9m (30ft) and his father, aged 60, fell and was struck by a weight.

The older man suffered a broken wrist and ankle and was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

An aerial ladder platform was used to hoist paramedics up to the pair whose fall was broken by some lower scaffold 10m (33ft) from the ground.

One was taken down from the scaffold on a stretcher on the platform.

Group manager Simon McMillan said: “Our fire crews did an excellent job at what was a difficult incident.

“The injuries could have been much more severe had the men’s fall not been broken by a scaffolding platform below.

“They were, however, in some pain and the crews were able to reassure them and keep them calm before using the platform to allow paramedics to reach and treat them as quickly as possible.”