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Scaffold Innovations: GapClamp™



Since the Work at Height Regulations 2005 came into force our industry has seen rapid growth of innovative safety products that are collectively improving safety standards.

In a series of featured posts I will be keeping you up to date and highlighting some of these noteworthy scaffold innovations.

Scaffolding Innovations: GapClamp™


Another problem solver to the gaps in scaffold working platforms which is a lot like the Scaff Gap product but bridges the gap in a different way by actually clamping itself to the underside of the scaffold board.

Designed by a qualified scaffolder the GapClamp™ plate only takes seconds to fit which clamps to the board on both sides in one simple operation by using a scaffold or ratchet spanner.

GapClamp™  is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standard, each unit is made from impact modified polypropylene that is UV stabilized yet only weighs 1.4kg. GapClamp™ can be used on both 38 mm and 47 mm boards and at 880 mm, 970 mm and 1020 mm lengths for different standard spacings.

As the product is made from impact modified polypropylene each unit has excellent load bearing qualities and will withstand everyday site use. GapClamp™ is also extremely cost effective having the capability to be used over and over again.

For more information why not drop over to the GapClamp website.