Video of the day: Scaffolding Nightclub


Buckinghamshire Scaffolding Specialists – Scaffolding Nightclub


Another installment from Buckinghamshire Scaffolding Specialists the video was to document their trip and the work carried out for artist Graham Hudson in Switzerland.

Named, “Renaissance: The Last Dance at the Cross”, this piece was based on the synthesis of a number of small night clubs in London, that no longer exist. The project centres on the creation of a functioning night club that seeks to reflect the architecture of the demised Kings Cross clubs; in particular Bagleys, The Cross and the Key Club.

The Scaffold Club consists of; a low level dance floor area, a bar, a staircase leading to an upper floor, and a V.I.P area with seating made entirely of scaffold and timber. The upper floor also has a warped cubic DJ booth designed on site by Graham Hudson himself.