Truck Carrying Bamboo Scaffolding Unloads Fast

Unloading the easy way In this video you will see a novel way of unloading a massive load of bamboo scaffolding FAST... only in Asia eh ! About Bamboo Scaffolding Bamboo has long been used as an assembly material in china, particularly Hong Kong, because of its versatility. one of the most interesting applications of the wood is its structural function for scaffolding. Extremely eco-friendly...

[Video] Ultimate ladder FAIL


httpv:// This shocking ladder fail video was brought to our attention by @AIFworkatheight on twitter ....ouch ! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

LBG – London Bridge Train Station Scaffolding, London Bridge [Video]


httpv:// LBG - London Bridge Train Station, London Bridge A quick view of the Scaffold that i, and a good 20 other Scaffolders built during nights on London Bridge Train Station. Its MASSIVE! one of the longest scaffolds ive worked on, several hundred feet in.

Billy Gavin the singing scaffolder: [Video]


httpv:// The singing scaffolder.. If you have been freezing your nuts off today maybe this little video will cheer you up. The video was uploaded to YouTube by a co-worker Matthew Oneill and shows  Billy Gavin singing his own scaffolder song he wrote himself wrote this himself. As always let us know what you think in the comments below.

Scaffolding collapse caught on video in West London


httpv:// Yesterday (9th January 2013) scaffolding collapsed from a high rise building narrowly missing pedestrians in the street below. Luckily a motorcyclist was filming at the time and caught the terrifying incident on film. The location of this mystery collapse is unknown to ScaffMag other than somewhere in West London.   Do you know what happened or where this was filmed ? please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Shocking USA video of how NOT to erect scaffolding


httpv:// This shocking video was uploaded yesterday and shows US scaffolders working unprotected from falls and working off just 2 boards.... Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Time Lapse Video: Manchester Central Library Scaffolding


httpv:// On our travels around the web we found this little beauty of a quick time lapse video from 2010 of the erection of what looks like a large birdcage scaffold inside the Central Library in Manchester UK. The video was uploaded in October by LAR Ltd. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Southsea Hotel Scaffolding collapse [Video]


In April we reported about this collapse Southsea Hotel Scaffolding Collapses In High Winds but with help from our good friend @sc4ffolder on twitter we have managed to find a video published by the PressAssociation showing the scene of the collapse. Scaffolding collapses due to high winds by PressAssociation On the morning of April 25 2012 the scaffolding that was erected for painting on The Royal...

Insight into scaffolding on the Forth Rail Bridge


On 21st January 1890, two trains first crossed the Forth Rail Bridge, travelling across two and a half thousand metres of track suspended nearly fifty metres above the Firth of Forth. This feat of engineering remains an iconic structure and today requires equal feats of ingenuity to maintain. The exposed location, the extraordinary structure, 190 train movements per day...

Amazing scaffolding light show [Video]

We came across these cool videos by 1024 Architecture showing scaffolding in a different light... let us know what you think. Scaffolding in a different light Video#1: 60m long by 12m high, made out of scaffolding structure and semi-transparent screens, this video mapping was built on the Pont St Louis in Paris, close by Notre Dame church. It was running through their custom made video mapping...


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