Scaffolders set up petition to ban the Scaff Step


    An online petition has been set up by disgruntled scaffolders to highlight the dangers of using the Scaff Step.

    Scaffolders have concerns over the step causing extra strain on the back when lifting tube above the head to fix the advanced guardrail. There is also concerns with the plate that the scaffolder stands on becoming very slippery when wet.

    The online petition can be found here Scaff Step Petition

    On the Scaff Step petition website the introduction states:

    Due to recent changes in the scaffolding industry (TG20:08), new legislation has been brought into force without consultation of the very people that have to abide by the new legislation.

    The new method of erecting and dismantling scaffolding involves the use of a prefabricated platform (Scaff Step) which is fixed to a guardrail to allow the scaffolder to fix a handrail generally 2 m above the temporary platform.
    Scaffolders are expected to use the scaff step whilst wearing a harness which is clipped on to a tube behind them. At the same time they will be handling scaffolding tube above their heads.
    The use of the steps makes no allowance for weather or site conditions, i.e. muddy boots or high winds.
    This petition is aims to raise the need for the HSE and other parties involved in bringing this legislation into force, to look again at this method of working.
    It is the opinion of the persons signing this petition that the scaff step is not only impractical but has caused accidents, dangerous occurrences and injuries to those forced to use this method of working.
    Image source: Combisafe


    1. I have to agree with the coments and i think that this step is the most dangerous idea i have seen in years i have been in the scaffolding trade for over 40 years and this is the worst idea i have ever seen.
      the scaffolding step should be banned
      A Davies
      Company Owner