Jason Gibbs “York Way, Kings Cross, London Staircase” Video Pt 3



Jason Gibbs

Advanced Scaffolder Jason Gibbs has set up a You Tube Channel in the hope of sharing to the world his day to day experiences of working as a scaffolder.

The series of videos gives you a first hand look into the world of a working scaffolder. Over the coming months you will see some of the great places he has worked and the sights he has seen from some of the tallest buildings in London.


 Jason’s Comments:  With the Beamwork done, we started taking the lump up – mostly 2 handed, its been hard going, but we’re upto the 4th floor… with another to be based later in the week on the same site thats 260ft high – which could be one of, if not the biggest Tube and Fitting Staircase in the world.

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