Turner Access launches Scaffolding Olympics


UK firm Turner Access Ltd is to hold a scaffolding competition in 2013 which it claims will not only showcase the fastest scaffolding teams in the country but will also highlight best practice and statutory regulations.

In 1995, two scaffolders from Turner Access entered into the Guinness World Record book for erecting a 100m² scaffold in less than 26 minutes. While the assembly was speedy, by today’s standards it may not have met health and safety guidelines. Bearing this in mind, Turner is to hold another scaffolding competition next year, to measure speed against today’s statutory regulations.

“The previous world record was established before 1996 when UK statutory regulations changed; the scaffolding industry introduced double guardrails and began to consider method in relation to use of harnesses,” explained Ian Wilson, managing director, Turner Access.

Further work at height regulations were introduced in 2005. Today’s regulations require that everyone working at height prevent the risk of fall, and maximise work activity on the ground.

The competition will be open to all qualified scaffolders. Turner Access will make available all necessary equipment and training to scaffolders wishing to compete. The dates of the competition are to be announced.

“Britain performed exceptionally well in London 2012 and it was a fantastic celebration of competition and achievement. The top medals this time are for scaffolders and we look forward to recognising the very best in our business,” said Mr Wilson.

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