Can you help these lads out with a pay rise ? [PIC]



    Can you help these boys out from Stealth Scaffolding, they have posted this image to Facebook to try and get 1 million likes. If successful there boss will give them all a £100 pay rise. Find the image on our Facebook page to like it 



    1. Great advertising for Stealth Scaffolding – I even checked out where you were situated – a geography lesson for me.  As it happens I have a friend who lives there.   THAT BOSS OF YOURS HAS TO GIVE YOU A RISE NOW ADVERTISING IS THE THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Just for the attention this notice has brought to the company is worth triple their challenge. If this was my company then you’d all be getting that rise atleast but not to be seen as a scrooge I’d reward you just for the limelight you’ve provided.