Under Deck 2000 fitting

Under Deck 2000

Under Deck 2000

This old fitting is called the Under Deck 2000 it was developed by a offshore scaffolder called Ricky Morgan many years ago.

The fitting was designed to make building hangers with ease under platforms. You were able to build your goal posts and slide them out along the beam eliminating the use of buts and beam clamps. The fitting also doubled as your check fitting for your dropper.

The Under Deck 2000  has now been deemed obsolete due to when you tighten one bolt on the gate side the other bolt loosens due to the compression on the fitting (similar to what happens with a pressed sleeve) the same effect happens on the clamp side. some of the old school scaffs swear by them! every day is a school day!!!

As a side note: The Under Deck 2000 never really took off because of early mistakes Ricky Morgan made with the marketing of the fitting. The rumours are Ricky went straight to the top Oil & Gas bosses and tried to cut out the Scaffolding Service Companies. This in-turn pissed off the Service Companies and they gave the Under Deck 2000 bad press. Then to make matters worse the Oil & Gas bosses gave the fitting a big back heel.

By Lloyd McKenzie

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  1. I was working offshore on the Hutton TLP with wee Ricky when he was developing this fitting.  The above piece is true.  Although he didnt just try to cut out the company(ASL) he worked for, from supplying the underdeck 2000, he tried to cut out the company from supplying ALL the scaffolding and fittings to the TLP and its sister rig, the North West Hutton.  A batch of Scaffolders from down south were duly sent out to the rig, who proceeded to bad mouth the fitting to the OIM and to everyone else who would listen.  They said it was dangerous, and a disaster waiting to happen.  After that, the rigs owners(Conoco) didn’t want anything to do with it.   Shame really, Ricky was a nice wee guy, and as a fitting, it wasn’t too bad.