Innovations: Ropesafe



Introducing Ropesafe a safe way to raise and lower all scaffolding materials using a gin wheel.

For hundreds of years scaffolders have been using the traditional method of tying up materials to pull up with a gin wheel using specific knots.  This comes with the constant inherent risk of materials becoming loose and falling free.

Stuart Faulkner a scaffolder for 27 years had a “eureka” moment after witnessing a near miss involving scaffold tubes falling out of the rope at 40ft, narrowly missing members of the public below.

Stuart worked on his idea for 5 years and with the help from Presco Components Ropesafe was born.

After the years of development Ropesafe is at its lightest and strongest withstanding 300kg of weight during tests carried out by Concord Lifting company.

Ropesafe will fit nearly every scaffolding component by simply tightening using a normal scaffold spanner.




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  1. Stop giving tickets out in 2 days and and make it a trade we are getting to a stage where we can’t do the job with all the new rules and regulations we are going to finish up with a hole lot of incompetent scaffolders

  2. Holy! What a waste of time that rig is.
    Proper knots. Care taken to make sure they are snug.
    Don’t try and do 5+ tubes at a time. Use the right knots for the right material.
    Way to slow and someone in a rush won’t tighten on the plank enough, snag on the way up and a plank then rushing to the ground.
    Don’t like it at all.
    Learn your proper knots, teach the proper knots.

  3. All very well but that means only three fives at a time, and then you have to undo the clips, don’t get me started on the boards, it’s gonna dent the hell out of them. You only have to show someone a couple of times how to tie off and their away, Christ my six year old daughter would be able to tie off after one lesson. As a dragon would say ‘that’s the reason why I’m out’

  4. Has no one thought this could come in handy.
    Long walk- labourer locks off.. scaffs carry on until tube required then there it is waiting for them.. While nobby keeps walking
    8 lifts+ ally handrail 3 at a time
    Not great for general work but could play a small part from time to time…

  5. Lol these comments have there pros and cons…
    Fact is tubes have become loose even tied by the more experienced scaffs
    I’m sure there is a answer to the problem but not sure this is it
    Modern day scaffs are open to suggestions not like the old school bashers lol

  6. Still extra weight as well ..hard enough as it is without crap that that , and as someone said pulling in the gear would be a mare , ya gotta stand there hold it why you undo each fitting , I think is more dangerous than what they have thought out , obviously not a scaff has designed this , just you’d just have a pic of a rope …

  7. When you look at how this works. We had a similar accident here in Calgary. Clamp went through the hard hat and the piece folded in and gave my apprentice 5 stitches and a headache