TG20:13 eGUIDE Now Available As Android App



The NASC has launched a Google Android App version of its TG20:13 eGuide, which will provide a mobile, digital good practice guide for tube and fitting scaffolding.

The new App, which is compatible with all Android platform devices, was developed in conjunction with TG20:13 technical authors CADS, the App can be downloaded following this link – TG20:13 eGuide Android Installation

Owners of the full suite of TG20:13 publications will now have the option to install the eGuide onto a PC or a laptop, or install it onto their mobile android device.

The new eGuide App can be used offline, making it ideal for remote site work away from 4G, 3G or Wifi services. Any TG20:13 reports generated by the Android app can be quickly and easily shared to the cloud via third party App’s such as Dropbox, ensuring the workforce and customers are kept fully up to date.

Development of the App has taken several months and will add a further dimension to the full suite of TG20:13 publications.

Terry Roberts of CADS said:

“Scaffolders now have TG20:13 literally at their fingertips. TG20:13 has gone mobile. This is an example of the NASC delivering essential new guidance in a user friendly format to where it is needed most – on site.”

NASC Managing Director, Robin James said:

“We’re very excited to have the Android App version of the TG20:13 eGuide available to download. It will be a massive help to our 200+ contracting members and to the wider construction sector as a whole, and will help to raise industry standards.

“The aim of the TG20:13 eGuide App is to widen the reach of this new technical guidance, allowing more users to operate the innovative TG20:13 eGuide on site, assisting with speedy generation of TG20:13 compliance sheets, and helping to make scaffolding sites safer and compliant across the UK.”