Pedestrian Trapped After Scaffolding Collapses In Leicester


Two women were injured when scaffolding collapsed, leaving one of them trapped, in a Leicester street this morning (28th January 2015).

Scaffolding erected on a shop front of a substantial size collapsed into the road hitting a passing bus and van as it fell into a Leicester street shortly after 11:30am this morning.

Two women were injured, leaving one woman trapped under the collapsed structure thought to be in her 60s. After paramedics arrived she was helped out of the wreckage on foot. Another person was brought out of a nearby shop on a stretcher and put in the back of an ambulance local media reported.

Both women were both taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary for minor injures.

Eye witness, Dan Brown told local media:

“I was in the office and heard a massive gust of wind. I stood up, looked out of the window and the scaffolding was coming down.

“I ran across the road and a lady was underneath. She was on the floor on her knees.

“We pulled seven planks of wood out, enabling someone to get in to make sure she was okay.”

The Health and Safety Executive has been made aware of the incident and is carrying out an investigation.

The work was being carried out by Emperor Scaffolding, of Ravensbridge Drive, off Blackbird Road, Leicester.

Martin Morley, Managing Director of Emperor Scaffolding, said:

“The HSE are carrying out an investigation and I’ve been advised not to comment while their investigation is under way.”

Scaffolders from the company were waiting to go in and dismantle the collapsed structure.



  1. Don’t know about other parts if the country, but down here the job centre are paying for people to do their part 1s, and probation paying for anyone and everyone also. Just handing them out to any prick.

  2. I was running a job about 5 years ago and had the digger drag a load of rubble away to make it all flat cos was wanting to build a staircase out of tube and fitting,anyway my wife found a cheap last minute holiday to Greace so I pissed off for a week,when I came back the staircase still wasn’t built,was 5 scaffolders on that job all with part 2 tickets and not one of them knew how to build it,was a 20 foot ladder going up to the lift,was stunned.

  3. Exactly,is all about numbers and that is so wrong,I saw people get passed on their part 1 when they should have never been let out the yard,they hear about all the money scaffs earn and want some of it but it really shouldn’t work like that,I was 5 years before I was allowed out on my own.

  4. Looking from the foams it looks some way to the first lift.? Illegal lift and weak especially when sheeted.
    Questions to answer. One very lucky pedestrian 60 yr old lady ended up floored by it.

  5. I am willing to bet they had tickets too,tickets mean nothing and those scaffold course teachers should all be looked into because they pass anyone I saw with my own eyes how they gave part 1 to people who had absolute no clue what they were doing,I was stunned at what I saw on my course..