Terry’s Legacy – Safeguarding Lives Through Industry Education


UAE event takes place paying tribute to Terry Sennett and shared a vision of Terry’s legacy – “Saving Lives Through Industry Education”

The late Terry Sennett‘s tireless dedication and determination in making a fundamental change within the GCC region was once again credited at a packed out event in Dubai, UAE.

The event initially paid tribute to Terry’s life with a very moving eulogy by his wife Fiona Sennett. Fiona highlighted Terry’s humble beginnings, his unflagging passion and dedication to the scaffolding industry and how he influenced and inspired so many people throughout his life.

Ben Beaumont, Managing Director of 48.3 International Design and Technical Services who was Terry’s business partner and close friend, also spoke at the gathering. Ben shared a in-depth presentation on Terry’s Legacy and how he defined the word ‘legacy’. Ben also shared the companies vision and beliefs of moving forward after Terry’s untimely death, with the commitment to ‘Safeguarding Lives Through Industry Education’. 48.3 International will strive to deliver Terry’s vision for training across the GCC region, in his honour and in tribute to his legacy.

After his presentation Ben Beaumont said:

“Terry was one of my closest friends, a mentor, a sounding board, my biggest critic and my biggest fan, but most of all, he was an inspiration. I feel privileged to have known him and I only wish I’d have met him sooner. It was a bittersweet moment talking about Terry’s legacy and what that means to us, a moment that I will never forget. We hope that through our work, drive, passion and commitment to Terry’s legacy, we will be able to positively influence many people in the same way that Terry influenced us. He will never be forgotten, and we will ensure that his values and beliefs live for many years to come, helping to shape a better, safer future, for all those people who are working at height throughout the GCC and across the world.”

Terry’s life was tragically cut short by Sepsis in December 2014, the event also raised awareness on this relatively unknown killer.

Colin Fincham, Chief Medical Officer for the Middle East, Africa, Asia-PAC, spoke about the dangers of Sepsis, the aggressive and fast acting condition that took Terry’s life. Sepsis (previously known as Septicaemia or Blood Poisoning) kills 37,000 people in the UK each year alone, that’s more than breast cancer, bowl cancer and prostate cancer combined! Sepsis is the acute bodily reaction to infection. Symptoms initially present as flu like but can rapidly deteriorate into a life threatening condition.

the attendees at the event managed to raise over AED 4000 for The Sepsis Trust in the UK.