TRAD Group – Going for Growth


Since joining the ALTRAD Group of Companies in September 2013 the TRAD Group has received substantial investments totaling £10 million from ALTRAD Holding, this has enabled growth in this two year period of almost 70%. This obviously significant fund injection only made possible by becoming part of the Group combined with minor organisational restructuring, “a key objective of the ALTRAD Group bespoke Management Charter “Pathways to the Future” resulted in the TRAD Group joining the ranks of the top five Scaffolding Groups in the UK today, with further organic growth yet to come.

Des Moore – TRAD Group Managing Director said: “I would like to personally Thank, Mohed Altrad, Louis Heutz, the ALTRAD Holding Team, our Chairman Hayden Smith and above all the TRAD Group Management Team and our entire workforce for their huge efforts in helping to make this happen, along with exciting new plans for further growth, we look forward to increasing our market share into 2016 and beyond.”

New TRAD Commercial Vehicle Fleet – Protecting People and the Environment and enhancing service levels.

Trad Group

TRAD is proud to announce the completed purchase of 15 new Scania HGV units complete with 1.5 Ton Fassi Cranes at a cost of £1.7 million. These modern high quality vehicles are fully Euro 6 compliant helping us to protect the environment by reducing emissions, particularly in London where TRAD Co mainly operates, this is part of our continuous drive to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our Environmental Management System accredited through BSI to ISO 14001.

Moreover, as part of our continuing focus on improving safety for our Employees and the General Public, all 15 vehicles have been fitted with top of the range cameras. These enhancements help protect Cyclists and Pedestrians by substantially reducing blind spots in the Driver’s field of sight. TRAD currently holds Bronze FORS Accreditation and this purchase of the new Scania HGV units solidifies our commitment to achieving the FORS Silver standard early next year.

Trad Group

Furthermore, these new Lorry Loader Cranes enable a much safer working environment with a major advancement in remote controlled Lifting Operations. All TRAD’s HGV drivers have received certificated Training, allowing them to control every aspect of the lifting process from any position around the truck, thus resulting in increased visibility of all operations improving safety and enabling us to give a better quality service to our customers.

New Trucks – New Livery

The new trucks have been liveried with distinctive new paintworkTrad Group and visuals, helping them to stand out and promote the TRAD and ALTRAD brands. Featuring striking graphics and the ground-breaking use of “chrome” film, the vehicles promote our new ‘Metrix’ scaffolding system, as well as the five key safety behaviours that form our Behavioural Management of Safety Programme, Play it Safe. They also celebrate our parent company the ALTRAD Groups affiliation with the Montpelier Rugby Club, which is personally owned by Mohed Altrad.

The trucks have been transformed into a highly effective form of mobile messaging, promoting continual awareness of our Behavioral Management Programme ‘Play it Safe’ as well as promoting both the TRAD Group and ALTRAD Group Brands.