Wind brings down scaffolding onto parked cars

Image credit: James Thomas (Facebook)

High winds are thought to of caused a 40-meter run of scaffolding to topple onto parked cars in North Staffordshire.

SIX vehicles are thought to have been damaged after scaffolding tumbled onto them yesterday morning.

The incident in Loggerheads occurred as North Staffordshire continues to be battered by high winds.

Firefighters were called out to Co-op on Eccleshall Road at about 9.40am following reports of a 40-metre long scaffold falling down.

The crews noted that it had fallen on six vehicles parked close to the shop. It was dismantled and the area was made safe. They left the scene just after 2pm.



  1. Obviously a pathway,that’s why there’s no who would put a kicker along a pathway lol.dont think the mums with buggy’s would be happy lol..that’s why they plan braced it..the only thing that’s messed these up is not hilting it when they was putting the netting on.