NASC Launches SG4:15


At a packed AGM in Leeds the NASC last night launched eagerly awaited SG4:15 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’ guidance.Snip20151128_31

As previously mentioned, many of the principles of SG4 remain unchanged in this update, however SG4:15 provides more guidance on systems of work and available equipment to help comply. SG4:15 also contains several new areas of guidance that have been included to reflect the availability of new innovations and changes to recognised ‘good practice’

The new additions include guidance on:

  • Chimney scaffolds
  • Bridging with beams
  • Floor height lifts
  • Cantilever scaffolds
  • New PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment)
  • Loading bay gate installation

Breaking from convention the NASC have made available the new guidance as a FREE download.

Download SG4:15 – Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations



  1. Well done to Simian Risk and the NASC for producing such an all encompassing comprehensive SG4 document. Disappointed that that ScaffGap did not get a mention but hey ho, SG4 is primarily concerned with preventing falls from height for persons rather than objects, debris, tools etc. Looking forward to an even wider scope of scaffolding to be included within TG20:13 ?

    John Houlihan