Video: Scaffolders working on Tower Bridge 1951

1950s scaffolders

This gem of a video depicts the life of a scaffolder in the 1950s perfectly. Working from one scaffold board 200ft above the Thames, scaffolders erect structures around Tower Bridge in London for stonemasons to make vital repairs after WW11.

Protester stops scaffolders working after climbing scaffold

Dramatic video shows how a protester scrambled up scaffolding under construction in Brighton, spending four hours protesting that the structure erected was endangering foxes. Wearing just robes and flip-flops the male protester was caught on film on climbing 13ft to the unfinished top lift of the scaffold being built on by local...

Corporate video goes wrong but scaffolding firm benefits


Funny outtakes from a scaffolding company's promotional video have become their actual corporate film, and users of Linkedin love it! The humorous video posted yesterday on Linkedin shows both LA Scaffolding's Managing Director Gary Sadler and Senior Contracts Manager Brett Lambert keeping it 'real' seems to of struck a chord with users of the business orientated social media site. In just 24...

Scaffolding collapse leaves worker hanging off building and pedestrian critically injured


Three people have been injured, one critically after a scaffolding and construction elevator collapse in downtown Fort Worth, Texas USA. According to local media scaffolding and a construction hoist outside a building undergoing renovations partially collapsed around midday on Wednesday (6 Feb). A worker pulled himself onto the roof after dangling by his harness six stories above the ground below. Eyewitnesses describe seeing scaffolding debris strike...

No fear scaffolders dismantle high altitude hanger

scaffolders dismantle hangervideo

Video showing scaffolders dismantling a high altitude scaffold posted by ScaffMag goes viral with 2.5 million views on Facebook. The location of where the video was taken is unknown but many commenting on the video posted on Monday said how queasy they felt watching the 60-second clip. The nail-biting film shows two scaffolders removing the high scaffold from the side of an unknown...

Scaffolding on Big Ben ‘falls away’ with Snapchat App

Big Ben Snapchatvideo

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat has created a new lens that allows London sightseers to virtually remove the scaffolding surrounding Big Ben. In an aim to celebrate the festive season, users of the globally popular app can point their phone camera at the iconic clock tower to see the scaffold magically fall away. Big Ben is then encased in a snow globe...

Video: Motorbike rider wiped out as scaffolding falls four storeys

A video published by the Mail Online shows the utterly horrifying moment a motorbike rider is knocked unconscious when a steel scaffolding frame falls on his head as he passes a four storey high construction site. The Mail reports the footage was captured on CCTV in the Sultanpet area of Bangalore, India. As the 38-year-old rider, known only as Chandan, rode to his office on...

Video: High rise scaffolding falls as typhoon rips through Hong Kong

Credit: @HighlandPaddyHK Shocking video filmed in Hong Kong during typhoon Mangkhut shows the moment scaffolding collapsed on a highrise housing development project. The deadly typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong over the weekend it is said to be one of the most powerful storms to hit the region in decades. The storm has wrecked buildings and shut down the city.

Forgeco goes live with Klawz video series


Forgeco in partnership with Raptor Scaffold Designs has created a video series to showcase the many benefits of the patented Klawz Scaffold Fitting. Over several months the collaboration tested the use of the Klawz fitting within many different access applications. Forgeco has said their investigation has found that the use of the Klawz fitting allows the saving of both materials and time...

Hard Hat Saves Guys Life


The video shows guy working close to a manufacturing machine when a load drops on his head. Video credit: Asif Amir

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