Corporate video goes wrong but scaffolding firm benefits


Funny outtakes from a scaffolding company’s promotional video have become their actual corporate film, and users of Linkedin love it!

The humorous video posted yesterday on Linkedin shows both LA Scaffolding’s Managing Director Gary Sadler and Senior Contracts Manager Brett Lambert keeping it ‘real’ seems to of struck a chord with users of the business orientated social media site. In just 24 hours the video has already racked up nearly 5,500 likes and over 1000 comments of congratulations.

The video came about after Leeds based LA Scaffolding recently enlisted a marketing company to create a new website and a serious corporate video, however, things didn’t go entirely to plan while filming.

LA Scaffolding’s Managing Director Gary Sadler originally wanted to create a film that captured what they are about and how they are really customer service focused. What actually happened can be seen in the film above.

“We had the site built and tried to make a “corporate” video, we ended up with a lot of out-takes and laughing a lot, we thought that this captures us better than any corporate video could.”, Sadler wrote on Linkedin.

Speaking to ScaffMag about the video, Sadler told me: “I’ve got to give a shout-out to Wayne at Digital Growth Secrets as we’ve been working with them on a new website and marketing campaign.

We were making our own version of a ‘corporate’-ish style video and to be honest it wasn’t going to plan, we were all laughing too much and we just didn’t know how to be all ‘corporate’, he convinced me that we should use the outtakes as they were so funny and it’s taken on a whole new life of its own, as a lot of people seem to agree.”

He added: “We seem to have struck a genuine chord with people who are sick of the fake stuff that’s out there and had a real laugh along the way. I think we sometimes as scaffolders we get overlooked, but I’d say we have a real input on the success of construction projects, at least people know we have a good sense of humor now!”