Scaffolding Staircase

Dutch firm erects an impressive scaffolding staircase in Rotterdam city centre.

Amsterdam based scaffolding firm Dutch Steigers have completed a huge Layher system staircase in the heart of Rotterdam city centre.

The staircase forms one part of several new exciting projects within the city by contemporary architects MVRDV. MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas believes the project is the first step in creating a new network of rooftop spaces around the city.

Measuring 29 meters high and 57 meters long, the installation allows visitors to climb 180 steps leading to a rooftop observation deck on the Groot Handelsgebouw building – one of the first buildings constructed in the city after the end of the second world war.

Winy Maas added; “The stairs are a symbolic first step towards a better use of our city’s second layer, and ideally would be replaced with a set of escalators in the next step,”.

“It is, in this way, a second reconstruction, a ‘Tweederopbouw’, that gives access to, activates and connects the rooftops of Rotterdam.”


An exhibition is being held alongside the installation, reimagining how other buildings in the city can accommodate rooftop activities.

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“With this installation and in our exhibition we show what this city could look like if we do that in many places, engaging a series of our existing buildings and giving access to their roofs, to create a new, much more interactive, three dimensional and denser urban topography for the next city generation,” added Maas.