BREAKING: CISRS Release Statement on CPD


CISRS has today released a statement in response to the reaction the industry has felt over impending mandatory CPD course.

CISRS have also announced the creation of a webpage to help dispel myths and misinformation surrounding the course

The Statement

There has been quite a reaction on social media since it was announced that CPD courses for Scaffolders will be introduced from summer 2017. CISRS has now set up specific CPD page on it’s website in a response to some of misinformation being circulated around the sector.

The aim of the webpage is to provide background information surrounding the introduction of the new scheme, why CISRS has concluded that CPD is necessary, proposed course content whilst also answering some of the questions that have been raised by concerned scaffolders and employers. The Industry has had a mixed response to the announcement however there are many across the wider industry who have welcomed the idea.

Graham Wren Chief Executive Construction Skills Certification Scheme said:

“Following the publication of the Industrial Strategy for Construction in 2013, the construction industry has refocused its efforts on ensuring the workforce is appropriately qualified. Continuous professional development (CPD) is an effective method of ensuring all construction workers keep up to date with the latest developments and processes. CSCS welcomes the introduction of CPD as part of the renewal process for a CISRS card, further reinforcing the highly skilled reputation of UK scaffolders.”

Much of the initial opposition to the introduction of CPD appears to be cost and who will pay for the course, rather than the principle of CPD itself. CISRS are currently in discussions with CITB to see if any additional funding can be sourced to help offset the costs of the CPD programme. CPD for Scaffolders has not been driven by Training Providers and cannot be described as a “Knee Jerk” reaction. It is an agenda that has been pushed by wider industry for many years, particularly the HSE in the case of scaffolding. CISRS and ASITO have been convinced it is the right thing to do for our safety critical sector.

Ray Cooke Head of Construction Sector Safety Unit Health & Safety Executive said:

“‘HSE Inspectors sometimes come across scaffolders on site who are not up to date on current accepted practices with respect to safe erection and dismantling of scaffolding. This is an issue that is easily resolved through CPD and HSE welcomes the introduction of this into the CISRS scheme. This brings the scheme into line with many other construction trades and it will have a very positive effect, particularly for those who may not have received any formal training in many years. It should help employers demonstrate that their operatives have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their duties under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.”

CISRS understands that there will always be a reaction to changes within a sector, but is hoping to dispel some of the myths that have emerged in recent weeks. The web page will be updated regularly and a Frequently Asked Questions section is currently being put together. Link to webpage 



  1. Who is writing this rubbish again it’s like I’ve sad before your not targeting the right part of the industry the scaffolders I work with have mostly got to have safety passport it’s the small companies that need help but you won’t go after there men you will go after the ones who after have everything in order to work there are plenty of companies in my area who employ lots of men who have no qualifications and never will

  2. with respect this detailed response focus is on the the endorsement from the HSE, THE MAIN ISSUE TO BE ADDRESSED is the COST, WHO WILL pay?if this is mandatory, will the HSE confirm that CPD cost will be met by Scaffolders Employers, NOT scaffolders. tread carefully, they are a trade body, NOT a legislator, however good and detailed CPD is.Some may deem this as they are driving this to increase their revenue, I do not believe this, however the, MUST be seen as having the Scaffolding industries Whole interests, including the financial costs to both employers and Employees

  3. Don’t matter how these people word it,still the working man has got to pay through the nose to earn his bollocks. You want us to do these pointless courses you pay for the poxy things. Ive been scaffolding for over 30years and seen all the rules change more times than you can shake a stick at em,but I still put the scaffold up the same way. Safely and conscientiously. To many tossers in white collars got fuck all better to do than to pick on the scaffs. Educate the other fucking trades that work on the scaffold you stupid ignorant fools,their the ones that have most accidents.

  4. I’m actually talking about the shite that citb give there passes to so don’t come in here and wrong again me I see this on a daily basis and this 2 day course is aimed at as all be it citb so called scaffolders or the other guys who have been at it for years who the so called passed basic,advanced scaffolders who couldn’t lace there boots U0001f6ceU0001f51a

  5. Just another tax on the struggling working classes. Employers are already responsible for enforcing standards, tool box talks, and refusing to tag jobs until they’re done right, is all you need. Our unions should oppose this (bent sell out pricks!)

  6. If it ain’t broke why try and fix it, you just can’t keep on taking CASH of working class people! We’re making triangles and squares out of tube and fitting it ain’t rocket science…

  7. What a load of absolute bull the only people who want this are people getting their palms greased its not about myths its about conning the scaffolders and employers what’s next the advanced CPD

  8. 32 years at this game, I don’t need any training, your just a bunch of greedy cabbages who sit in thier office U0001f3e2 twiddling their thumbs thinking U0001f4ad of stupid ideas for making more cash from trained scaffolders, and none of you are actually scaffolders,

  9. “The Industry has had a mixed response to the announcement however there are many across the wider industry who have welcomed the idea”  Yea Right and none of them Scaffolders! All cyclist would welcome the idea of no vehicles on the Road! Just Fobbing us all off!!!

  10. No matter how thick and stupid you are pay your money get your tickets, this is what`s wrong so sort that before raiding our pockets to fix what the training centres created. Enough is enough.

  11. So they release their plans on this because a petition has been set up to block this happening. It changes nothing to what we all thought it was. Once again ripping the working man off. It says nothing about who will pay it if your not working, will your employer pay it now the cost is a lot bigger. SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP THIS HAPPENING.

  12. Few comments here hit the nail on the head the citb just give the tickets out to everycunt that pays there 1000 per course there needing to start there at the root of the problem which is the citb cash cow most people go home and pish the bed wae all the t breaks when your at college the 2 week holiday you could you could do in 3 days

  13. To be fair alot of guys these day pass their cards and should not of been allowed on the spanners. Training centres give them out like sweets. This is nothing new. Gas engineers have to refresh their ticket every 5 years, sparks also. Get over it

  14. The Scaffolders have already paid for their tuition and passed their courses with flying colours. If CISRS want to bring in additional rules & regs then they should foot the bill for additional learning .

  15. In a nut shell, we can blame men who haven’t got a clue on the tools and should not be wearing them, or do we blame the training centres for giving every Tom dick and Harry a card. As we all know a fail is not acceptable in a training centre.
    When funding is involved it boils down to pass rates, not if you can do the job.