Road closed after truck smashes into scaffolding

Image credit: Stirling Observer

A truck driver has been charged with careless driving after ploughing into scaffolding erected to protect a Scottish bridge.

The Daily Record reports that the accident happened close to Ballat Bridge which spans the A81 at Balfron Station and carries water pipes connecting Loch Katrine and Glasgow. The bridge was badly damaged back in September when it was hit by the arm of an earthmover which was being transported on the back of a lorry.

On Monday a articulated lorry, being driven south by a 60 year-old man from County Mayo, Ireland, struck and became entangled in the scaffolding.

Scaffolding “height restrictors” had been erected on both approaches to the bridge to prevent vehicles too high for the structure from travelling beneath it.

Inspector Gerry McMenemy of Police Scotland told the Observer:

“The bridge was open to traffic with restricted movement and traffic controls.

“Scaffolding had been erected either side of the bridge, on its approaches, to prevent over-height vehicles from proceeding under the bridge.

“An HGV, which was over height, struck the scaffolding on the southern approach and became entangled in it.

“It will be quite a job to free the vehicle from the entangled metal work.

“No-one was hurt and no other vehicle was involved. The scaffolding was put up to protect the bridge and it appears to have done its job.”