Scaffolders Vote to Strike at Eggborough

Eggborough Power Station

Cape Scaffolders at Eggborough power station in Goole have voted unanimously to go on strike.

According to Unite union The first 48-hour strike by the scaffs will begin on Thursday 17th August. There will then be a further 48-hour strike starting on Monday 21st August.

The scaffolders will then begin continuous strike action from Tuesday 29th August. An overtime ban will also begin from Wednesday 16th August.

The dispute concerns payments under the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry the (NAECI agreement). The scaffolders are striking as they are only receiving category 4 payments of £15.12 an hour.

The Unite union says that there are local agreements in place that state that when power stations are undergoing maintenance work (which is undertaken at Eggborough from April to September) the normal NAECI rate of £16.97 an hour, plus an hourly bonus of £2.37, should apply.

Workers employed by other contractors on the power station are paid the full NAECI rate for the entire 12 month period, Unite said.

Unite regional officer Chris Weldon said: “It is highly disappointing that Cape has so far refused to enter into serious negotiations to resolve this dispute. Our members simply want Cape to create a level playing field and pay our scaffolding members on the same basis as other workers on the site.

“If the proposed strikes take place then everyone involved at Eggborough power station should brace themselves for widespread disruption.

“Our members are taking industrial action as a last resort. This dispute could be easily avoided, if Cape accepts our members are currently underpaid and introduces measures to resolve this matter.”