Generation Cardiff supply impressive Futuro Staircase


Generation Cardiff was tasked by their client to provide a solution to carry out vital repairs on a utility pipe located at the bottom of an astonishing 50m deep valley in Newbridge, Wales. The client required a staircase to be built to allow workers to reach down into the valley easily, safely and efficiently. Generation Cardiff was delighted to take on the challenge!

Generation Cardiff knew that because of the sheer scale of this project, it would require a system scaffold that was quick and fully adaptable to suit the shape and form of a staircase; to follow the slope of the valley 50 metres deep and 70metres long.

Futuro System Scaffold was the clear winner. With its 8 connection points, it allowed complete versatile and adaptable connections to create a very impressive and unique staircase. The Futuro staircase took 3 weeks to build, and used an extraordinary 40 tonnes of equipment! Generations Cardiff’s 3-acre site has vast amounts of stock holding ensuring projects are fulfilled efficiently.

Generation’s location in Cardiff and dedicated fleet made sure it was possible to get the large amount of stock to the valley in a timely manner so that works could begin. The staircase was on hire for a period of 3 months. Generation Cardiff shows yet again that whatever the project, big or small, Futuro works for all.

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