Safety Alert Issued over defective double couplers

  • A Health & Safety alert has been issued jointly by construction firms Kier | BAM (KBJV) over defective double coupler scaffold fittings.

The KBJV safety alert has pointed out an incident when scaffolders were erecting a handrail using tube and fittings that a drop forged double coupler failed when tightened. The coupler was immediately replaced, quarantined and reported by a member of the Kier BAM scaffold team.

The alert continues to read that on initial inspection the coupler had sheared at the gate hinge pin lug. Further inspections took place on random couplers contained in their recent batch delivered to site and it was identified that a number of similar and additional defects were present that included incorrectly positioned lug holes, incorrectly tapped nut threads, incorrectly dyed bolts threads and missing and bent washers.

KBJV claim the couplers were supplied by Altrad Beaver84 and manufactured in China. Markings on the couplers seem to be correct stating EN74-1 Class BL. An investigation is now underway by both KBJV and the supplier.

Click here view and download the warning

KBJV Suggested Immediate Actions

  • Quarantine all tube and fitting scaffold pending visual inspection.
  • Upon visual inspection remove and replace all double couplers with batch number BM0218G
  • Re-inspect the scaffold and confirm with scaffold foreman.