Four Workers Dead After Scaffolding Collapses At Multi Storey Building

Scaffolding Collapse Noida
The scene of the collapse / Credit: The Indian Express

A large section of scaffolding has collapsed after a tractor-trailer, used for loading and unloading materials, accidentally backed into the scaffolding according to sources.

Four construction workers were killed and five injured on Sunday after the accident that happened at a multistorey building under-construction in Noida, India.

Police have said the accident seemed to have occurred because a tractor-trailer backed into the structure. The entire section collapsed bringing the workers down with it and falling onto the tractor killing the driver. The injured workers were rushed to various hospitals but three other workers succumbed to their injuries and were pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the accident and safety lapses on the site. A police spokesperson said: “There definitely would have been some safety lapses. If the structure was sturdy enough, it wouldn’t have collapsed in this manner.”

A stonemason who had been working on the site alleged that the accident was due to negligence he said: “The ties that hold the scaffolding to the building were removed during the process of attaching glass. This caused the scaffolding to become unstable.”