Major Scaffolding Collapse in North London

Scaffolding Collapse London
Scaffolding collapse North West London. Image credit @RatApprentice/Twitter

A large section of scaffolding has collapsed onto a street in North West London.

A scaffold collapse has left a mass of bent and twisted scaffold tubes and broken boards on a street in Hampstead, London. The section was attached to a block of flats opposite the Royal Free Hospital. According to local media reports, it fell this afternoon at around 14:50 GMT during high winds.

A spokesperson from London Ambulance Service said no injuries had yet been reported, but this could change. The Health and Safety Executive has been informed.

The Royal Free Hospital said it was on standby following the collapse but it had not yet been required to treat any patients in connection with it.

Although unconfirmed one local newspaper the Hamstead Highgate Express has reported that ALB Scaffolding erected the scaffold and spoke to a member of staff who could not say how it happened, but admitted to the paper: “It could well have just been the wind, because it will have caught the plastic sheeting and that can give it nowhere to go.”