Digital Technology Solution From PERI For The Industrial Environment


PERI has combined digital technology with their PERI UP scaffolding solution to help provide seamless operations and greater control for contractors on industrial construction sites.

Digital Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of the construction industry. Enabling construction projects to have more efficient, cost-effective, plans, designs, and management.

PERI’s latest development is an integrated scaffolding programme which reinforces the entire construction process from start to finish, ensuring scaffolding operations are included in the overall planning stages.

When planning a project, contractors are able to integrate there own pre-designed 3D models, helping to visualize the prospective scaffolding concept and how it will relate to the site environment and construction process. With this detailed planning in mind, PERI is able to offer clients accurate cost estimates including a list of materials and the cost of labor.

PERI PATH software also features in this new technology, providing accurate progress reports, improving forecasts and fine-tuning operations for optimum results.

In particular, the simple documentation of targets and actual deviations ensure any correction needed are made promptly to avoid any unnecessary cost.

This will be increasingly beneficial on industrial projects which often carry a unique design and maintenance requirements.

As well as The Integrated Scaffolding Programme, PERI also supports workers with professional product training courses. The courses are delivered by PERI’s own qualified trainers and assessors.

By accessing the correct training the PERI UP scaffold system can be used safely and efficiently from the very beginning of a project.

PERI is exhibiting the integrated scaffolding programme at Bauma 2019 where you can experience how performance on site can be improved by this product.