Scaffolder rides horse to work

Scaffolder & Horse
Emmanuel and Polo. Image Credit: Islington Tribune

A scaffolder who has had enough of the congestion charge and emissions zone in London came to work on the back of a horse.

Emmanuel Buttigieg and his brother rode their horse Polo into work at a construction site in London on Friday after becoming fed up with the congestion charge.

Speaking to the Islington Tribune Emmanuel said: “I think a lot of residents were worried because they saw a horse and thought there was going to be a caravan or something next.

“I am fed up with the congestion charge and emission zone and it was a beautiful morning and I thought it would be a good day to come on a horse.”

The duo gained permission and left the three-year-old horse to graze on a small patch of land in the Redbrick estate while they worked on a nearby construction site.