TRAD UK to replace 8,000 tonnes of rival Layher stock with its own Plettac Metrix

TRAD UK to replace 8,000 tonnes of rival Layher stock with its own Plettac Metrix

8,000 TONNES of Layher Allround will be up for sale after TRAD UK replace its stock with Plettac Metrix.

TRAD Scaffolding, part of TRAD UK, is to commence a phased programme of replacing its stock of Layher Allround with Altrad’s system scaffold, Plettac Metrix. Which the makers say, dramatically cuts the cost of scaffold projects and improves both on-site productivity and safety. 

Des Moore, TRAD UK CEO and TRAD Scaffolding MD said: “The added efficiencies this will provide will further grow TRAD Scaffolding’s operational capabilities and ensure we can continue to provide cutting-edge scaffolding solutions to our clients. Plettac Metrix has proven itself to be one of the most advanced ring-based system scaffolds and is significantly faster than traditional Tube & Fitting Scaffolding.

“TRAD has benefitted from significant investment and subsequent growth since becoming part of the Altrad Group and this continues in the further development of the Plettac Metrix scaffold system – manufactured in Germany by Altrad Plettac – including newly implemented automation to increase capacity to meet demand.”

TRAD believe the Plettac Metrix system has many advantages over other ring-based system scaffolds. And being a true modular scaffolding system, Plettac Metrix is suitable for use in all construction, heavy-duty industrial and civil engineering applications and is easily palletised allowing for optimal transportation.  

TRAD Scaffolding was one of the first companies to recognise the advantages of systemised scaffold some 25 years ago and quickly introduced it into all sectors in which it worked. We now believe that Plettac Metrix takes system scaffold to the next level. 

If any TRAD Hire & Sales customers are interested in purchasing their Layher stock, please email [email protected] for further details.  

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