Generation Hire & Sales to taper down operations

Generation UK Hire & Sales

Altrad Generation Hire & Sales is tapering down its operations this week before standing down its commercial fleet on Friday.

Following yesterday’s government announcement of an at least three-week UK lockdown, Generation UK is acting now to ensure the safety of its customers, staff and families, the firm said today.

Robert Jenrick, the Construction Minister, tweeted that construction activity can continue if sites are able to maintain social distancing.  But Generation deems the nature of its work and environment makes it difficult to ensure a safe working distance and eliminate transmission of the Coronavirus.

As many companies are closing their sites either immediately or in a phased manner over the next few days. “Generation also feels that the safety of its teams, customers and broader UK must come first,” they say in a statement on its website.

Generation UK plans to taper operations over the coming days. Its branch network will continue to operate this week. In this period they will complete any outstanding deliveries and collections of equipment, the statement reads.

From the close of business on Friday 27th March its commercial fleet will be stood down and we will begin operations with a skeleton team. Generation stresses that they will not make deliveries or collections to customer sites until advised that it is safe to restart operations.

However, its customers will still be able to make scheduled collections or returns to its branches. Customers visiting the sites will need to remain in the open air, maintain 2 metres distance at all times and follow all staff directions.

Generation UK said in its statement: “The situation is unprecedented and our decision has been made in the best interests and safety of the Generation teams and our customers. We hope we can tackle this together and ensure we come through it safely together.”