HAKI Maintains The Flow On Gade Valley Project


Located between junctions 20 and 21 of London’s M25, the 450m-long Gade Valley Viaduct carries thousands of commuters as they make their way around the capital’s busy motorway. During planned strengthening works expected to run from November 2019 to December 2021, temporary solutions provider, HAKI, supplied its market-leading scaffolding systems to assure safe access to the Gade Valley project’s programme of works.

Gade Valley Viaduct is a multi-span composite viaduct comprising twin decks; both of which are fashioned from four open top steel girders with an in-situ cast concrete slab. To ensure the viaduct continues to perform at its best, strengthening works were a complete necessity. HAKI worked alongside main contractor, Osborne, on this project, utilising up to 300 tonnes of its materials on this site. HAKI’s Universal system and tube and fitting scaffolding were specified to enable crucial access to strengthening works at the underside of the viaduct, through vast birdcage structures.

Ideal for projects where high-level access is essential, birdcage applications using HAKI are efficient to erect and enable the safe ingress and egress from particularly hazardous areas on an infrastructure site. HAKI’s scaffolding system is also highly robust, meaning it can withstand greater loadings than most comparative solutions.

Furthermore, the simple ‘hook-on’ and spring-lock catch mechanism – unique to HAKI – reduces the risk of component displacement and falling materials, and minimises noise pollution, to protect both workers and wider public from injury. As well as keeping workers safe, the sophisticated system also lowers installation time, meaning works can be executed to strict programmes and deadlines common within the infrastructure industry.

Scaffolding, insulation and asbestos management specialist, Alltask, installed HAKI’s products and praised their sophistication: “As well as delivering on technical support, HAKI crafts products which encompass the essential safety and access requirements set by complex projects. For the Gade Valley Viaduct’s strengthening works, the utilisation of HAKI’s temporary works solutions allowed the project’s high safety and access demands to be made a reality. With the project due for completion at the close of 2021, everything will no doubt run smoothly with the presence of HAKI’s expert solutions.”