Construction recovery plan to last two years

covonavirus scaffolding

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has laid out its post-coronavirus rescue plan for the construction industry.

Called the Roadmap to Recovery, the plan has three phases which will be carried out over the next two years.

Construction leaders hope that within the two years the industry could bounce back more professional, productive and profitable.

The three-phase plan starts with the Restart phase, which will run for the next three months that aims to increase output, maximise employment and minimise disruption.

Next will be the Reset phase which according to the plan will be implemented within three to twelve months. Under this phase, the industry will be asked to increase demand, up productivity and strengthen the supply chain.

The final Reinvent phase which will run in year two will see the industry transform by adopting digital and manufacturing technologies. It will also deliver better value with collaboration and partnership.

A CLC task force is now engaging with Government to test how the plan’s proposals might be delivered.

Construction Leadership Council joint chair Andy Mitchell said: “The unprecedented challenge of coronavirus calls for unprecedented solutions. I am delighted by the way the industry has collaborated at pace to develop this plan, targeting those interventions that will help the industry get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to read the plan and consider the part you can play in its delivery.”

To download the Road to Recovery plan click here