PERI releases new scaffolding demonstration videos to support sites

PERI UP demo video

PERI UK has released a series of free product demonstration videos to help its customers adhere to the latest social distancing guidance from the CLC and NASC.

Recognising the construction industry has a vital part to play in an economic recovery, PERI UK has released a series of free product demonstration videos on its website as part of its 4-step customer support plan.

As more sites continue to reopen, PERI has been quick to adapt its products and services to ensure sites operate safely and efficiently, despite a reduced workforce.

The new videos guide scaffolders on how they can erect PERI UP scaffolding systems in line with the latest Site Operating Procedures and guidelines from CLC and NASC.

Each video features step-by-step demonstrations and detailed explanations provided by the company’s scaffolding supervisor, Mark Holmes, so scaffolders can assemble these systems safely under supervision.

Crucial safety measures, such as two-metre distances, can be observed using PERI’s scaffolding systems, as the videos demonstrate how they can be erected by just one scaffolder.

Currently, the demonstration videos feature the company’s most commonly used and versatile scaffolding systems, such as the PERI UP Flex Stair 75 and PERI UP Flex Stair 100, which can be used to provide temporary building access or as reinforcement scaffolding respectively.

The product demonstration videos will not be replacing the company’s valuable on-site support services, but will instead enhance PERI’s existing offer and help sites maintain construction output during a time it is needed most.

Managing Director for PERI UK, Alasdair Stables said: “We are determined to support our customers and help them keep their sites operational whilst working safely and efficiently. The current situation means that we cannot continue to work in the way we are all used to.

A key focus for PERI at this time is to help customers adapt to the CLC’s Site Operating Procedures for the construction sector and to maintain the best possible efficiency on-site with whatever restrictions may be required.”

Part of this approach is to make sure our sales and technical teams remain available to help with any challenges on-site, and in addition, our site demonstrators can provide web or site-based support for products being used on site.”