Latest SOP version says site canteens can reopen

Latest SOP version says Site Canteens can reopen

Belly busting breakfasts are back after the CLC publishes its latest version of the Site Operating Procedures, allowing site canteens to reopen.

In line with the recent government’s revision to social distancing guidance, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published Version 5 of its coronavirus Site Operating Procedures (SOP).

Although minimal changes in other areas from Version 4 the latest SOP version has given the all-clear for contractors to reopen site canteens across Britain.

Previously, unless workers were attending large remote sites the majority of smaller site canteens were closed across the construction industry when the lockdown came in.

Now hungry workers can rejoice with the news that they can use the site canteen, but a checklist of rules must be observed by sites according to the CLC.

  1. Consider increasing the number or size of facilities available on site if possible

2. The capacity of each canteen or rest area should be clearly identified at the entry to each facility, and where necessary attendants provided to supervise compliance with social distancing measures

3. Break times should be staggered to reduce congestion and contact at all times

4. Drinking water should be provided with enhanced cleaning measures of the tap mechanism introduced

5. Frequently clean surfaces that are touched regularly, using standard cleaning products e.g. kettles, refrigerators, microwaves

6. Hand cleaning facilities or hand sanitiser should be available at the entrance to any room where people eat and should be used by workers when entering and leaving the area

7. A distance of two metres, or one metre with risk mitigation where two metres is not viable, should be maintained between users. Seating and tables should be reconfigured to reduce face to face interactions

8. All rubbish should be put straight in the bin and not left for someone else to clear up

9. Tables should be cleaned between each use

10. Crockery, eating utensils, cups etc. should not be used unless they are disposable or washed and dried between use

11. Payments should be taken by contactless card wherever possible

12. Canteen staff should wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food

13. Canteen staff and workers may use the same rest areas if they apply the same social distancing measures

14. Consider arrangements for monitoring compliance.

Download Site Operating Procedures Version 5