Scaffolders strike action continues

Scaffolders on strike in Scunthorpe
Scaffolders on strike in Scunthorpe, Image credit: Alistair Tice

More than 50 scaffolders are now in their fourth week of strike action at British Steel’s Scunthorpe steelworks.

The scaffolders, members of Unite and employed by Brand Energy have been striking for the industry-agreed Blue Book rate of pay, an increase of around £2 an hour.

They are responsible for the maintenance of over 500 scaffolding structures at the Scunthorpe site. But the dispute has been ongoing since 2019.

According to Unite since 2019, Brand Energy has refused to engage with the union over the pay dispute, leaving them with no option but to ballot for strike action.

As previously reported the scaffolders began strike action in late January and having already taken three weeks of 48-hour strike action, the workers are now ramping up to three days of walk outs.

Workers aim to hit Brand Energy with the increased action, who are losing the maintenance contract on the site to Activo.

They hope the increased action will send a clear message to the new contractors and getting the rate for the job.

Scaffmag understands that Activo has offered talks in advance of starting the new contract in March.