Scam warning issued for UK scaffolding suppliers

Updated: June 18 2021

Actavo Hire & Sales (UK) has been subjected to a spoofing scam. Image credit: Actavo/Facebook

A warning has been issued after a scaffolding supplier was targeted by suspected fraudulent customers.

UK Scaffolding suppliers are today being urged to be vigilant following a report that Actavo Hire & Sales (UK) has been subjected to a spoofing scam.

It’s not known at this time if the scammers were successful (see update below) but the company has reported that an individual or individuals have been calling the Hire & Sales firm claiming to be a customer from ‘bona-fide’ scaffolding companies.

The individual or individuals are spoofing the landline phone numbers of the compaines to look like legitimate customers. They place large value orders on scaffolding materials for sale and quote a KT16 postcode address for delivery. The caller then always asks for any return calls or queries to be directed to a mobile number.

The scammers to date have claimed to be calling from companies including B J Champion Scaffolding, Essential Scaffolding and Amber Scaffolding Ltd.

Scaffolding trade body the NASC has sent out emails urging its UK supplier members to be vigilant of the scam.

We have reached out to Actavo for further details and comment, we await their reply.


A spokesperson for Actavo Hire & Sales (UK) Ltd has said: “The scam was not successful and that their vigilant staff, who are well versed in anti-fraud/scam measures, spotted this from the outset, thus giving them the opportunity to issue a company-wide alert, as well as reporting the matter for the attention of the NASC membership. 

It should also be noted that the same person(s) is/are now attempting to acquire large quantities of Scaffold Boards via the same method, and is/are quoting the same mobile telephone number for contact.”