World’s Largest Scaffold Banner Fully Installed in Birmingham

Embrace Building Wraps has now completed the world's largest scaffold wrap installation at the Bullring in Birmingham

Embrace Building Wraps has now completed the world’s largest scaffold wrap installation at the Bullring in Birmingham

The final section of a colourful printed scaffold banner covering the temporary scaffolding installed by Midland Scaffolding Services at the iconic Selfridges & Co department store in Birmingham has now been installed.

The striking dogtooth flower design wrap measures almost 9,000 m2. This is 58% bigger than the currently recognised Guinness World Record holder for the largest scaffold banner which was installed in Madrid back in 2018 at a mere 5,672 m2.

At the extremes, the wrap is 246 metres long & 37 metres high equivalent to a giant wall of nineteen double-decker buses stacked eight high.

Installation of the frames and digitally printed wrap which will disguise the works during renovations commenced on-site at the end of December 2020. The banner features an artwork design produced by Birmingham-born designer Osman Yousefzada comprising of interlocking six-metre diameter dog tooth flower designs in three contrasting colours.

In total the Embrace Building Wraps team installed 5,888 linear metres of scaffold tubes for the banner frames, vertical curved shaping, and buffer rails. To put that into perspective, if laid end to end the scaffold tubes would extend around four miles (six kilometres).

The weight of the printed wraps alone is just under five tonnes, more than three Mini Coopers. Embrace seamlessly joined 24 individual banners of various shapes & sizes of which 85% had three or more adjoining perimeter edges that had to line up perfectly with the adjacent banners.