For any complex structure, innovative temporary works solutions help to reduce imposed loads on permanent structures helping to bring various elements of the project together.

The A52 Clifton Bridge, ‘a major National Highways upgrade project’ in Nottingham, is one of these complex structures, which is undergoing repair works inside and underneath the bridge to strengthen the concrete with the installation of new steel cables.

Spans 4 and 5 are critical structural sections of the bridge as they sit directly above the River Trent, making access to this section more technical than most.

By working closely together, and understanding the project’s requirements very early on, PERI proposed a full integrated scaffolding and formwork solution to main contractor VSL Systems UK. The design was subject to stringent checks by National Highways and VSL prior to the build. This involved detailed planning and demonstrating how the suspended access would be installed to the underside of this section of the bridge, which spans over 100m.

The scaffolding provider also worked alongside specialist contractor Newco Scaffolding to ensure continuity throughout the installation of various applications, encompassing on-site demonstrations and product system support prior to and during the build.

Over 140 tonnes of PERI UP scaffolding has been used on the project to support a range of access requirements, keeping the temporary load of the solution to a minimum throughout each phase. This has involved incorporating the lightweight PERI UP 75 Flex Stairs where possible for greater flexibility, with its range of stair lifts accommodating changes in working height throughout the build. Other systems included birdcage scaffolds with high load capacity to store large amounts of material on opposite sides of the river leading up to the suspended scaffolding and walkway to the underside of the bridge.

Access to material was enhanced by integrating the 40kN-capacity PERI UP loading bays on site, as they provided ideal storage space at the required levels and could be accessed via the main working platforms.

One of the key benefits of PERI’s involvement was its supply of essential formwork products in the early stages of the project and how it integrated with the PERI UP Flex system to prevent clashes throughout the build.

3D planning and the benefits of system integration enabled the lightweight DUO formwork, GT beam formwork and VARIOKIT to work around the scaffolding structures with ease, resulting in a unified temporary works solution.

“We wanted to provide a clear walkway to allow repair works to be carried out seamlessly with minimal interruptions to the interface and existing structure. We have been able to achieve this through detailed 3D planning of the vision we had proposed to VSL in the early stages of this project in conjunction with our in-house design team.

This has proved beneficial for the site team and our designers as we were able to carry out a clash detection exercise with our formwork and scaffolding to deliver a secure and obstruction-free working area suspended above the ground.

We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with VSL and other customers in similar challenging infrastructure environments,” says Business Development Manager for PERI UP, Charles Stratford.