Leach’s begin 100th Anniversary Celebrations on Scaffolder’s Day

Leach’s celebrate 100th Anniversary with fantastic offers this Scaffolder’s Day
Leach’s celebrate 100th Anniversary with fantastic offers this Scaffolder’s Day

2022 is set to be a special year for Leach’s.

Not only is 14th January Scaffolder’s Day, but Leach’s will also be kicking off the company’s centenary celebrations as 2022 marks 100 years since Mr Leach founded his original emporium in London and began selling the legendary Leach’s scaffolding spanner.

To mark the occasion, not only are Leach’s offering their traditional monthly goodies and treats, but the team has also put together 100 special deals on some of their most respected scaffolding and construction safety products.

Put the date in your calendar and join Leach’s on Friday 14th January.

Special Scaffolder’s Day Offers for January

  • LEACH’S GIFT TO YOU – Join the celebrations with a limited edition centennial Leach’s bottle opener + birthday treats, free on every order!
  • FREE Leach’s Centennial Edition Hoody (orders over £200*)
  • 100 SPECIAL TIMED DEALS from 14th January and throughout the rest of the month including BIGBEN Ultralite Height Safety Helmet, BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit, BIGBEN Black Magic Induction Level, and 20% OFF all BIGBEN Leather Belts and Frogs
    *prices do not include VAT

100 Years of Leach’s

According to Leach’s records, Mr Leach opened his first emporium in 1922, originally offering a selection of tools, ironmongery and hardware.

Customer service was important to Mr Leach, and by placing the consumer at the heart of his modest operation, Leach’s quickly grew by word of mouth. As the classic Leach’s spanner became ever more popular, the business carved out a specialist niche in the supply of scaffolding tools.

Before long, scaffolders from across the UK would descend upon Mr Leach’s premises in London to buy the famous Leach’s spanner. Believe it or not, Leach’s, now based in Hereford, still stock a derivation of this original spanner today.

Russell Tennent, Managing Director at Leach’s, said, “The history of this company is incredibly important to us, so we want to celebrate this unique occasion with our staff and wonderful customers.

“That’s why we are delighted to share with you our centenary celebrations and are kicking off on Scaffolder’s Day with a great giveaway and lots of excellent deals on our well-loved scaffolding safety products. For every order received on Scaffolder’s Day and for the remainder of the January, we will send you a gift including some extra special surprises.

When you receive it, take a picture of you enjoying or wearing it and send it to us. We’d love to see and give a virtual cheers! Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the year too, as we continue our celebrations throughout 2022”.

Join Leach’s this Scaffolder’s Day on Friday 14th January 2021. To learn more about this year’s exclusive 100 offers, visit: www.leachs.com on Friday.