LIFTBOT opens access to the digital world


Since receiving CE certification in December 2020, KEWAZO has delivered its robotic material hoist LIFTBOT to its customers throughout Europe.

While the German market leader Bilfinger arnholdt already relies on LIFTBOT since April 2021, now, and among others, Bilfinger UK as well as Altrad Services, with its facilities in the UK and Belgium, have followed suit.

In addition to LIFTBOT, the Munich-based startup also provides its Data Analytics platform KEWAZO ONSITE as part of its comprehensive solution. Operational data crucial for the construction progress and performance is collected via an array of sensors. This data is analyzed and displayed on KEWAZO ONSITE in real-time using an integrated LTE interface via a cloud-based infrastructure and services.

KEWAZO ONSITE focuses on three key metrics:

  1. Efficiency: Weight transported, target height of the scaffold, and utilization rate.
  2. Internal factors: Status of individual LIFTBOT components such as motors, breaks, and battery.
  3. External factors: GPS, the worksite itself, and local weather conditions.

The analyzed data presents KEWAZO’s customers with a generated digital twin of their scaffolding project. If BIM planning is available, an automated live target vs. actual comparison enables maximum transparency.

Instead of entering key performance indicators manually, KEWAZO ONSITE overtakes this automatically. If a project does not go according to planning, the Team-Lead receives messages and can intervene promptly and directly. Project Management now runs proactively in real-time, supporting client companies to prevent cost-overruns.

Scaffolding robot makers KEWAZO has raised a further  million in investment for Liftbot from a leading investor in Silicon Valley.

Sebastian Dietrich, Project Manager of KEWAZO’s lead customer Bassenberg & Schwarting, appreciates the motivating character of KEWAZO ONSITE. Now Dietrich has a new way to set concrete targets for his site managers and scaffolders.

The project progress is communicated through automated WhatsApp notifications from KEWAZO ONSITE. In this way, all employees receive daily feedback on their performance and progress automatically and without additional effort.

To further increase motivation at work, KEWAZO is currently piloting a gamification concept, where scaffolders have the opportunity to compare their performance with each other and even with peers from other companies. Awards, in the form of gift cards and/or vouchers, will further serve as motivating incentives for outstanding achievements.

In the future, KEWAZO plans to expand its digital products and services. The data collected will soon, for example, be used to create the basis for automated project planning. Artificial Intelligence via Machine Learning will enable KEWAZO’s customers to use resources more efficiently as well as to enhance their logistics strategies.

This article was first published in the ScaffMag Magazine Issue 16