UKSSH and Tamworth Scaffolding answer Wireless SOS


When UK System Scaffold Hire received a call for help from the organisers of the Wireless Festival in London they didn’t have a moment to lose.

Responding to a last-minute change of plan, the event’s organisers needed to find a company that could erect a massive Public Access Staircase in double-quick time.

The staircase – a mightily impressive 31 metres wide and scaling a 4.5 metre high bank – was needed to provide the main access point for 150,000 concert-goers expected at the event (London’s largest festival).

From experience, the organisers knew that UKSSH had the stock, the expertise and – with the help and support of Tamworth Scaffolding – the best scaffolders to do the job.

In just 48 hours UKSSH and Tamworth Scaffolding designed the massive temporary Public Access Staircase, shipped lorry loads of components from their Tamworth base to Crystal Palace and erected it.

The result is stunning.

A UKSSH spokesperson said: “That’s the benefit of dealing with a team that’s on your wavelength!!”