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All construction sites pose risks to workers. It is here that 20.9% of fatal workplace accidents in the EU take place. To avoid costly accidents with unfit construction equipment, Scafftag proposes a highly customisable tag with holder and insert that can help increase legal compliance, workplace safety and inspection efficiency.

Comply with equipment safety regulations

Scafftags’ Visual Tagging solutions help companies comply with PUWER and WAHR on equipment safety and inspection. With Visual Tagging, inspection results are shared at the point of use, on the equipment itself. Tags are available for almost any tool or equipment, including but not restricted to, ladders, scaffolds, drills, vehicles, anchor-points, harnesses and handrails. At all times, users will be able to see when the equipment was last inspected or is next due. All inspection records are kept on removable inserts which can serve for inspection record keeping, a requirement of the Regulations.

Avoid workplace accidents and delays

When properly used and applied on the equipment itself in plain view, Scafftags’ Visual Tagging can always communicate the latest equipment status to anyone who wants to use a specific piece of equipment. Inspection records on the tag’s insert will show when equipment was considered fit for use. When equipment fails inspection, the inspector can remove the insert to show a clear ‘Do not use’ message on the tag’s holder. In this way, Scafftag solutions help prevent costly workplace accidents resulting from the use of unfit equipment.

Highly efficient equipment inspections

Every Scafftag holder and / or insert can include best practice inspection procedures on the equipment that needs inspection. Both the holders and removable inserts are highly customisable and can support the standardisation of evolving equipment inspection procedures. A QR code can also be printed on the inserts or holders to activate a digital inspection flow via smartphones and Safetrak software (with RFID Technology), complete with inspection planning management and automatic inspection report generation.

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