JDC start scaffolding works on Queens Tower


Scaffolders at a Hertfordshire-based scaffolding firm have begun erecting a large free-standing scaffold that will soon encapsulate the Queens Tower at the Imperial College London.

The scaffolders working for JDC Scaffolding are said to be proud to be working on such an iconic monument after the firm was contracted by Russell Cawberry Ltd to supply access and a temporary roof to the 287ft tower.

Builders are set to refurbish the exterior of the stonework and make vital repairs to the copper roof covering.

Opened in 1893 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee the tower is all that remains of the Imperial Institute. The Institute which was not a great success was partially demolished between 1957-1967. From 1966-1968 work was carried out to enable the tower to be a standalone structure.

JDC will be erecting an 83.00m high free-standing scaffold formed of an inner access scaffold, an outer scaffold exoskeleton and a bespoke, circular temporary roof covering.

The main external scaffolding will encapsulate a 2 Tonne passenger/goods hoist supplied by Sunbelt Rentals UK & Ireland and a full-height Haki staircase supplied by UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd. The scaffold has been designed by RDG Engineering.